Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I buy one of your sets or replacement cartridges?

A: We are in many licensed dispensaries and online. If you are interested in becoming a customer, please email:

Q: How do I store my cartridges?

A: Keep the cartridge facing upright so the oil stays evenly distributed

Q: What should I do before I take my first pull?

A: Unscrew the oil cartridge tip and prime the cartridge by letting the oil breathe and settle to the bottom for a minute or so. Put the tip back on and screw the cartridge into the battery. Now just take a pull. There are no buttons to push

Q: Why does it taste slightly burnt?

A: It shouldn’t. If this ever happens, ensure the oil is evenly distributed throughout the cartridge by unscrewing the cap and letting the oil settle for a couple minutes. This will ensure the atomizer is lubricated and not dry when it gets heated up. No one wants to pull on a dry atomizer, it tastes nasty!

Q: How long does the battery last?

A: The battery has been designed for long life and customers have told us they have gone months without needing to recharge it

Q: Where do I find lab testing information for your strains?

A: There will be a link to the test next to the strain info in our shop